Sjungaregården Culture Center
Art exhibition 15 – 29 July 2023
Hedberg Art – oil & watercolor
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Hedberg Art – oil & watercolor

Wildlife paintings

Short biography

For as long as I can remember, I have drawn, painted and been interested in nature.

I grew up in a small town in northern Sweden and spent a large part of my free time in nature by the river and the lakes. From an early age, the creation of images has always been with me, and my artistic foundation is a result of an interest in depicting and interpreting what I see. Especially the light and the birds interest me, as well as everything else alive.

I consider myself autodidact, which means that my education as an artist is mainly my own work with images. I have exhibited my paintings in a long series of exhibitions since the early 1990s. The techniques I use are primarily watercolor and oil paint. Here you can see a selection of artworks from recent years.

The art is mostly sold through exhibitions. It is also fine to order a painting and buy art directly from my studio.
In other words, you are most welcome to contact me!

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In my portrait paintings, I want to capture with feeling what is unique about a person. When you want help to portray a personality and immortalize this for future generations, a painted portrait is hard to beat.
You are most welcome to get in touch for further dialogue.
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Finally, you are very welcome to follow my art in various media. Here are some links to pages such as instagram, facebook, artportable and vimeo.

Animal paintings, bird paintings, landscapes and portraits.

Hedberg – Art in oil & watercolor.

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